The Newspeak Programming Language


Gilad Bracha. Javascript Aliens. Brief documentation on how to access Javascript from the Newspeak system running on the web.

Gilad Bracha. Ampleforth: A Live Literate Editor. A live Ampleforth document describing the latest version of Ampleforth, Newspeak's document editor/GUI builder.

Gilad Bracha. Enhancing Liveness with Exemplars in the Newspeak IDE. An evolving paper describing the use of exemplars in the Newspeak IDE.

Ministry of Truth. Newspeak by Example. An elementary, but live, introduction to Newspeak.

Gilad Bracha. Newspeak Programming Language Draft Specification, Version 0.101. The current draft language specification. Incomplete, rough and subject to change. Intended for language freaks and implementors; not a user manual or a tutorial.

Gilad Bracha, Peter Ahe and Vassili Bykov. Newspeak on Squeak: A Guide for the Perplexed. A tutorial on the Newspeak IDE, including a Hello World introduction to Newspeak, updated as of December 2016.

Ryan Macnak. Access Control in Newspeak-to-Javascript. November 2014.

Ryan Macnak. Newspeak-to-Dart Compilation. A technical report describing the NS2Dart compiler. August 2012.

Nikolay Botev. Actor-based Concurrency in Newspeak 4. Masters' thesis, San Jose State University, April 2012. An Actor system for Newspeak, closely related to E vats.

Gilad Bracha, Peter Ahe, Vassili Bykov, Yaron Kashai and Eliot Miranda. The Newspeak Programming Platform. A quick overview of the Newspeak platform as of May 2008.

Matthias Kleine, Robert Hirschfeld and Gilad Bracha. An Abstraction for Version Control Systems. Hasso Plattner Institute Technical Report 54, University of Potsdam, April 2012. Describes Pur (later renamed MemoryHole), a semantically aware source control system written in Newspeak that can interact with various standard SCM systems.

Felix Geller, Robert Hirschfeld and Gilad Bracha. Pattern Matching for an Object-Oriented Dynamically Typed Programming Language. Hasso Plattner Institute Technical Report 36, University of Potsdam, June 2010. Describes an experimental extension of Newspeak that supports pattern matching with first class patterns and data abstraction.

Gilad Bracha. Converting Smalltalk to Newspeak. A quick guide to converting Smalltalk code to Newspeak, as of March 2010.

Gilad Bracha, Peter Ahe, Vassili Bykov, Yaron Kashai, William Maddox and Eliot Miranda. Modules as Objects in Newspeak. Proceedings of the 24th European Conference on Object Oriented Programming, Maribor, Slovenia, June 21-25 2010. Springer Verlag LNCS 2010. Won the best paper award at the conference. The original publication is available at An academic paper describing the key ideas of Newspeak modularity.

Vassili Bykov. Hopscotch: Toward User Interface Composition. International Workshop on Advanced Software Development Tools and Techniques (WASDeTT) at ECOOP 2008. Discusses the design of Hopscotch, the Newspeak GUI application framework, which is the basis for the Newspeak IDE.

The Newspeak FFI User Guide and Internals. Documentation about the Alien API and its implementation, as of November 2008.

Gilad Bracha. Executable Grammars in Newspeak. Electronic Notes on Theoretical Computer Science, Volume 193C, November 2007 pp. 3-18. Describes a parser combinator library implemented in Newspeak. The library is unique in how it allows the separate definition and modular composition of grammar and semantic actions. The paper also highlights some features of Newspeak that help it host domain specific languages.

Gilad Bracha. On the Interaction of Method Lookup and Scope with Inheritance and Nesting. 3rd ECOOP Workshop on Dynamic Languages and Applications (2007). A position paper focused on a narrow but crucial issue: the meaning of names in a dynamic language with nested classes (or objects) and inheritance. Gives some examples of Newspeak.

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