The Newspeak Programming Language


Docucentric Programming. Keynote at Smalltalks22. Ampleforth and beyond, biased toward Smalltalkers. 1:03:35.

Ampleforth: More than a Live Literate Editor. Presentation for Live22 Workshop, demonstrating Ampleforth. 14:31.

Live Literate Programming Documents with Ampleforth. A very quick demonstration of Ampleforth. 5:28.

Newspeak: Live, Modular and Secure Development in the Web Browser. Presentation at the UK Smalltalk Meetup in April 2022. An introduction to Newspeak, biased toward Smalltalkers. 63 minutes, plus 89 minutes of Q & A.

Newspeak on the Web. Presentation at the California Smalltalk Meetup in September 2021. Demonstrates the web based IDE, with exemplars, and introduces the Newspeak language via the Expression Problem. Geared a little toward Smalltalk programmers. Talk is about 47 minutes, followed by ~36 minutes of Q&A.

Exemplars in the Newspeak Web IDE. A minimal demonstration of using exemplars generated from metadata to provide live object bindings everywhere you view or edit code in the Newspeak IDE. 4:19.

Enhancing Liveness with Exemplars in the Newspeak IDE. A presentation at the Live 2021 workshop. A more extended discussion of exemplars than the link above. 21:49.

What is a Live Programming System? An attempt to explain what a live programming system is in under 5 minutes via Newspeak demo (also linked from the entry page of this site). 4:26.

Live IDEs in the Web Browser: What's Holding Us Back. Discusses some issues which make it hard to implement a live IDE on the web. Includes a brief demo of the WASM based Newspeak IDE. Based on a conversation starter session at Programming 21. 14 minutes.

Ampleforth demo. A demo of Ampleforth, a tool for embedding Newspeak widgets, excerpted from Gilad Bracha's Programming 17 keynote. 10 minutes.

Live 2013 demo. A screencast that illustrates the experimental extension for making methods live. 6 minutes.

Goodthinkful Programming in Newspeak. Video of a talk given by Vassili Bykov at Smalltalks 2011. Geared toward Smalltalk programmers, gives an overview of Newspeak with an emphasis on application packaging and unit testing.

The Newspeak Experience. Video of a presentation, delivered remotedly to the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam in December 2011. A long talk discussing Newspeak and its IDE in some detail.

Linguistic Reflection via Mirrors. A screencast of a lecture at HPI Potsdam in January 2010. A fairly comprehensive talk about mirrors; mostly language neutral, but includes a 15 minute demo of mirrors in Newspeak. 57 minutes.

Inside Newspeak. An interview with Gilad Bracha on Microsoft’s channel 9 during 09. Gives an overview of the motivation for Newspeak. Makes the connection between Newspeak, objects as software services and cloud computing in a developer-friendly way. 31 minutes.

A True Pluggable Look-and-Feel. Blog post that includes a screencast showing dynamic remapping of the GUI from native Windows to Squeak's morphic and back.

Embedding DSLs in Newspeak: NewShell, EBNF, Hopscotch. Video of a talk at DSL Dev Con 09. 3 internal DSLs used in the Newspeak environment. 45 minutes.

Video of talk at 09. 30 minute overview of Hopscotch - the IDE and a bit about the framework, as of April 2009.

Video of talk at 08. A 30 minute high level intro to Newspeak and our parser combinator library (as of January 2008)


Interview with Software Engineering Radio. An audio interview Gilad Bracha gave at DSL DevCon in April 2009. An overview of Newspeak for the mainstream programmer. 43 minutes.