The Newspeak Programming Language


Video of talk at 08. A 30 minute high level intro to Newspeak and our parser combinator library (as of January 2008)

Video of talk at HPI Potsdam. A long (1:45) session describing the platform as of March 2008

Video of talk at 09. 30 minute overview of Hopscotch - the IDE and a bit about the framework, as of April 2009.

Embedding DSLs in Newspeak: NewShell, EBNF, Hopscotch. Video of a talk at DSL Dev Con 09. 3 internal DSLs used in the Newspeak environment. 45 minutes.

A True Pluggable Look-and-Feel. Blog post that includes a screencast showing dynamic remapping of the GUI from native Windows to Squeak's morphic and back.

Inside Newspeak. An interview with Gilad Bracha on Microsoft’s channel 9 during 09. Gives an overview of the motivation for Newspeak. Makes the connection between Newspeak, objects as software services and cloud computing in a developer-friendly way. 31 minutes.

Linguistic Reflection via Mirrors. A screencast of a lecture I gave at HPI Potsdam in January 2010. A fairly comprehensive talk about mirrors; mostly language neutral, but includes a 15 minute demo of mirrors in Newspeak. 57 minutes.

Goodthinkful Programming in Newspeak. Video of a talk given by Vassili Bykov at Smalltalks 2011. Geared toward Smalltalk programmers, gives an overview of Newspeak with an emphasis on application packaging and unit testing.

Live 2013 demo. A screencast that illustrates the experimental extension for making methods live. 6 minutes.


Interview with Software Engineering Radio. An audio interview Gilad Bracha gave at DSL DevCon in April 2009. An overview of Newspeak for the mainstream programmer. 43 minutes.