The Newspeak Programming Language

You do not need to download anything. The Newspeak IDE is a PWA (Progressive Web App) and can be installed locally on your machine. If you want a local copy, just navigate to the app using a web browser that supports PWA installation (any Chromium based browser,or Safari on iOS).


See license.

Legacy Downloads

If you are unwilling to use a browser that supports PWA installation you can still download an old version of the IDE as a locally servable Web app, but this is not being updated. For all platforms.
  1. Unzip the downloaded directory
  2. Make executable and run it.
  3. Browse to your local Newspeak instance.

The Electron app is no longer supported.

Legacy Squeak Smalltalk Version

To run the Newspeak Smalltalk-based IDE, download an image and virtual machine for your operating system and open the image with the virtual machine.


Virtual Machine



The Squeak based system and contains code that is subject to the Squeak License, as well as the Newspeak sources, which are mostly under the Apache 2.0 license. More details about the licensing of this software are available on the license page.